6 Ways to spread kindness during lockdown

*This post contains affiliate links  Lockdown has affected all of our lives in one way or another but the most important thing we can do is follow the guidelines and stay at home because that really does save lives and at the end of the day that's what we want to do most of all. For many of us, we are missing friends and family as well as the routine of our normal daily lives and we are at a loss of what we can do to help and make our friends, family and community a better place but there are ways to spread kindness and hope even from our living rooms and I thought I would share a few ways to encourage positivity and community feel from home. 1. Paint Colourful rainbows I'm sure by now many of you have seen rainbow paintings in the windows of houses on your daily exercise allowance and it's a lovely creative way for children and adults to get involved, bring some colour to your street and show your thanks to the NHS. It's budget-friendly and such an easy way to brighten up someone's day. 2.  Clap for Carers I urge you to take part in the Thursday night clap for carers each week - not only is it a way to show your support to frontline staff but its an incredibly moving community gathering in times when feeling isolated is at it's highest, we have seen neighbours come out that we didn't even know lived on our street and my kids love the happiness is spreads. Just make sure you practice social distancing! 3. Post or email a letter to loved ones My kids and I have been putting a letter together for each of the grandparents to let them know we love and care for them since we cannot visit them in person for the foreseeable future. It's super easy to put together a stylish card (digital or printed) and you can customise them by using templates from online and designs such as a heart svg. You can either print them out and pop them in the post or send digital cards to loved ones. I've been having fun putting together cards for family using the Heart svg 4.  Donate to your local food bank Most local food banks are still taking physical donations and they are in desperate need right no. Due to the virus many food banks are running low on provisions at the time when people need them the most. If you are self-isolating or can not safely get to a local food bank drop off then you can also make a small money donation online to help. You can find out more ways to getting involved on The Trussell Trust website. 5. Support Charity projects and share the love There are many positive charity projects and social media challenges happening to help spread the message of kindness through these strange times. There are also a variety of independent makers and small businesses making products to help raise money for NHS charities such as my new favourite Clap for our Carers t-shirt from Kindred Social, I love it so much I am going to buy matching pairs for the kids and best of all they are donating 100% of the profits to NHS Charities. 6. Start to join a neighbourhood WhatsApp The majority of neighbourhoods are very diverse in terms of age, vulnerability, income, background etc and some may be in a better situation to help others who are at risk as well as simply checking in with people digitally and helping reduce loneliness if even it's just through some supportive messages. Many neighbourhoods have started WhatsApp groups to help each other out so if one hasn't been started in your street why not do it today.