High quality - Fishing A Fisherman's Prayer Live To Fish poster, canvas

High quality -  Fishing A Fisherman's Prayer Live To Fish poster, canvas

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 Shop Every Epic Fashion Moment From Selena Gomez and Blackpink's "Ice Cream" Video
If you thought for a second Selena Gomez and Blackpink wouldn't pull out all the stops for their new "Ice Cream" music video, you thought very wrong. In fact, the moment the kitschy, '90s-grunge-meets-retro pin-up looks appeared on screen, we instantly wanted to go shopping. Selena wears a red-and-white striped, high-waisted Shoshanna bikini that we're crazy about, and her next look includes an '80s-inspired Puma bodysuit (Selena and her stylist Kate Young likely gave a nod to the athletic brand, as Selena's been a Puma sneaker ambassador for awhile).
Young also introduces us to Lè Rumi, an affordable label that's responsible for that adorable yellow-and-white gingham romper we see Selena in, styled with a satin printed headscarf and rainbow HVN hoops. And that polka-dot crop top you wish you had in your closet all summer? It's on sale right now at For Love & Lemons. Meanwhile, Lisa, Rosé, Jennie, and Jisoo from Blackpink slip into crochet pieces from a groovy brand called Fluffy, cropped sweaters, and they wear Chanel accessories to boot.
Ahead, we're breaking down each and every stylish moment, then shopping out some of the identical pieces the girls wear, along with similar options from the labels they're showering with love. P.S. In case you didn't know, Selena also teamed up with Serendipity on a new ice cream flavor called Cookies & Cream Remix, and we're thinking a pint of that would look pretty good as an accessory to any of these outfits.
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