Girl drink wine with cat and she lived happily ever after poster, canvas

 Girl drink wine with cat and she lived happily ever after poster, canvas

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As the weather shifts from hot and humid to cold and dark, fall is the special “in between” that provides the best mixture of cool winds with bright sunny days. There is so much to discuss about fall, but its best aspect is truly the fashion. Fall fashion in 2020 is different from fall styles before; it combines vintage and sophisticated all while staying comfortable and warm.

Fall fashion is the perfect compromise between looking stylish and staying comfortable.

There are five staples to this season’s styles that will keep everyone looking and feeling their best: layering, oversized fitting clothes, colors, patterns and sweatpants.

Fall fashion places a heavy emphasis on layering. Layering is essential to fall because the weather can shift between windy and sunny to cold and cloudy. Having layers to take on and off throughout the day ensures a regulated temperature.

“As the weather gets chillier, I tend to grab anything from a fleece pullover to an oversized sweater to layer on top of my outfit for the day,” said Lucy Barber, a freshman occupational therapy major.

Layering can be as easy as throwing a cardigan over an outfit, or more complicated by coordinating certain colors in the layering of an outfit. Some popular styles emerging with layering are wearing a collared shirt under a crew neck sweatshirt for a more sophisticated sweatshirt look. Also, for a more elevated hoodie look, pair a plaid shirt over a hoodie for extra warmth and added style.