Girl Easily Distracted By Wine And Music Book Page poster, canvas

 Girl Easily Distracted By Wine And Music Book Page poster, canvas

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The meaning of oversized has shifted in fall fashion from huge scarves, sweaters and knee-high boots to looser fitting jeans, oversized sweatshirts, cardigans and sweaters. In fall 2020, many people can be seen styling mom jeans with a cardigan. Another popular look is to put any length skirt, patterned or corduroy pants with an oversized sweatshirt, either crew neck or hooded.

Fall fashion has a mixture of colors, patterns and prints, which commonly include warm, basic and fall-related colors.

“The colors are my favorite thing about fall fashion because I like basics, so fall fashion is definitely my favorite style to show off basic sets,” Callie Mckendree, freshman integrated marketing communications major, said.

Along with colors, there are many patterns and prints great for fall fashion. Using plaid, argyle or cable knit for cardigans and vests makes a comfortable outfit look chic and high fashion.

While maintaining fun fall looks is exciting, it can also be tiring to dress up everyday. Fall is a time to go out in comfy clothes while feeling and looking great. Any day in fall warrants a comfy clothes day with sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

“I enjoy putting fall looks together, but sometimes my favorite thing to do in fall is wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt and sit outside with the chilly winds and colorful leaves,” Barber said.

Some aspects of fall fashion are unique and always evolving, but no matter what the trend is for fall each year, there are definitely go-to looks to rely on that are timeless and above all comfortable.