Horse Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster, canvas

 Horse Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster, canvas

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Creative AI and fashion

Seeing the opportunity for AI to play a bigger role in the creative process, LFC has launched an AI course aiming to develop creative fashion solutions and experiences that challenge the current approaches to fashion design.

The 8-week “AI and Fashion” course, which has already seen 20 fashion students learn Python to write code, was developed by the FIA in partnership with Dr. Pinar Yanardag, a former post-doc at MIT Media Lab and creator of collaborative collective How to Generate (Almost) Anything.

Despite being complete beginners in learning Python, the students were said to be able to thrive once they understood the technical capabilities of AI.

The students were asked to come up with proof-of-concept showcases and uses of AI within the fashion industry, before being shown how to gather appropriate data to train their algorithms to classify items of clothing and predict fashion trends from social media, as well as use style transfer to recognize imagery and create new designs.

By the end of the course, the students created a virtual fashion show using archive LCF show footage that was placed in different 3D environments with models wearing new 3D-generated and animated garments.