Pilot Some Men Are Just Born With The Sky In Their Souls poster, canvas

 Pilot Some Men Are Just Born With The Sky In Their Souls poster, canvas

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Encouraged by the couturier Paul Poiret — the Karl Lagerfeld of his time — the artist began to work for magazines like Vogue, Femina and Vanity Fair.

Fashion historian Catherine Ormen, who curated the show, said magazines at the time never used photos of clothes for fear that designs would be copied.

Instead they printed sketches while Man Ray photographed stylish celebrities for them.

But the artist was not content with producing glossy images of Parisian socialites.

“With Man Ray you start with nothing and end with photographs that are almost abstract and works of art,” she told AFP.

Indeed one of his masterpieces, “Glass Tears” (1932), came from an advertising campaign for water resistant mascara.

He transformed the rather banal image using his trademark photomontage techniques which he later christened “rayographs”.

The iconic image also spoke of Man Ray’s own anger and hurt after his split with the photographer and model, Lee Miller.

The following year he became a permanent fixture in the US fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar, where the precursor of the Photoshop generation brought his abstract and surrealist experiments to a still wider public.

So Moira's weird outfits are a form of power dressing? Exactly. Ford says Moira reminds her of Bette Midler's character in the 1988 film Big Business. "We have a long history of older women using clothes as a way of asserting themselves ... in a society that’s obsessed with youth," she says.