Scuba Diving You And Me We Got This poster, canvas

 Scuba Diving You And Me We Got This poster, canvas

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Who was the inspiration for her look? Costume designer Debra Hanson looked to British socialite Daphne Guinness, whose avant garde style made her a muse for the late Alexander McQueen. Moira's wardrobe, says Ford, is "very angular, very structural ... she’s not dressing in a way that’s heterosexually desirable ... It's very covered, it’s very textural, there’s a lot of feathers and fringing."

And wigs. We're never really given an explanation for those, though Moira's roots in the theatre may be one answer. Ford says that given the cost of "good" wigs, Moira's collection, each of which has its own name, "is a performance of wealth at a very simplistic level".

Moira wears a lot of big-name designers, like Jil Sander and Givenchy. Well, she was rich once, and, defiantly, thinks she will be again. But to create the impression she amassed the collection over many years, few of the pieces were from recent seasons; many were reportedly bought off vintage sites or eBay. Is there anything she won't wear? "I won't wear anything with an adhesive backing," Moira once said. And probably tracksuit pants.

What about Australian designers? As far as we know, Moira didn't wear any Australian brands but Alexis did, including Alice McCall, and a Michael Lo Sordo gown in the show's finale.

So Alexis is really the best after all. I guess it would be unpatriotic to disagree.