Skull tattooed gentlemen the art of living right shirt, hoodie, sweater

 Skull tattooed gentlemen the art of living right shirt, hoodie, sweater

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The technology is a type of machine learning where two adversarial models are trained simultaneously – a generator (the designer) and discriminator (the design critic). The basic idea of GANs is that during training, the generator becomes better at creating images that look real, while the discriminator becomes better at detecting images that are not real. This enables the model to learn in an unsupervised manner.

Computer vision algorithms were used to detect skeletal movement from archive video footage, which then turned into a 3D pose simulation that allowed them to animate purely digital avatars in Blender based on the initial footage’s movement details.

CLO software was then used to design and animate the 3D garments before style transfer allowed additional detail to the clothes to be applied. The virtual fashion show was finally realized in Unity, where the digital models were imported, and FIA’s 3D Designer created immersive, animated environments.

The proof-of-concept virtual show was launched at London Fashion Week, with most brands live streaming catwalk shows behind closed doors, or releasing catwalk-style videos online, due to current ongoing social distancing measures.