Your Butt Napkins My Lord Duck poster, canvas

 Your Butt Napkins My Lord Duck poster, canvas

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The recent release of Emily in Paris’s popular first season has sent fans of the hit Netflix series searching through their streaming libraries for similar films and TV shows in an effort to keep them busy while waiting for the now-confirmed second season to make its way to their screens. Thankfully, Binge has had fashion fanatics covered with the addition of all six seasons of Sex and the City—Darren Star’s original fashion-focussed brainchild—to its library of must-watch entertainment. 

Given that Emily in Paris has drawn a number of comparisons to The Devil Wears Prada, fans have also resorted to rewatching the 2006 cult classic, starring Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in a series of iconic roles. Featuring similar storylines, cleverly designed costumes and witty characters with well-dressed friends, Emily in Paris, Sex and the City, and The Devil Wear Prada have a lot more in common than their hyper focus on fashion. 

Centred on the blossoming careers of strong female leads, they also serve as a means of inspiration for those who happen to find themselves in similar industries. Enabling viewers to learn from their mistakes, the likes of Emily Cooper, Carrie Bradshaw and Andy Sachs have provided us with countless career takeaways we can implement in our own lives. While Emily has drilled in the importance of a can-do attitude, Andy has cemented the need to keep your values intact, and Carrie has highlighted the benefits of pursuing what you are most passionate about.