BTG Indigenous Man Native American poster, canvas

 BTG Indigenous Man Native American poster, canvas

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When Midshipman First Class John Monroe Johnson was 4 years old, he developed a fondness for superheroes.

A fondness that carried over into his outfit choices and his approach to each day. Under an Oxford dress shirt, accompanied with a tie and blue dress pants, he wore a Superman pajama shirt.

He, like Clark Kent, was in disguise.

Johnson wore this outfit to school and birthday parties, and once when dropped off at a birthday party, he told his mother that if anything bad were to happen, he would turn into Superman.

It was clear then that Johnson had a desire to protect people, his mother Kim Johnson said Thursday during a memorial for Johnson at the Naval Academy. He was a superhero for his brothers and home, and as Johnson grew into a sociable and kindhearted man.

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Johnson, 22, died in a drowning accident on Dec. 15 while on vacation with friends. Johnson was buried at the Naval Academy Columbarium Friday.

“Many past moments with John did not last as long as I would like, and there will be no new moments,” his mother said.

Johnson would have graduated from the academy in the fall. The Naval Academy teaching of loyalty and patriotism appealed to the Superman in Johnson, his mother said.