LGBT Gay Couple Go Cycling poster, canvas

 LGBT Gay Couple Go Cycling poster, canvas

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Johnson decided to pursue a career a service knowing it would be a difficult life that required hard work, his father, John Johnson, said during the memorial.

“He loved challenging himself,” John Johnson said. “He loved living a life of purpose. He loved his country, but most importantly loved his family, his friends, and his fellow midshipmen.”

Johnson always sought challenges since he was little, his father said. A young Johnson wrote in a journal that he played violin and enjoyed it because of the challenge. That carried through to his studies at the academy where he pursued the classes that would require him to work the hardest.

Johnson excelled at school and athletics, his father said. Except basketball. But even Superman had a weakness.

Johnson’s Superman alter ego was on display when it came to his younger brothers, brother Vance Johnson said. Growing up, Johnson was the older brother with many friends, while Vance Johnson had trouble meeting others, he said. But Johnson always made to include his brother.

Johnson tried to emulate his older brother, but then got a letter from him suggesting that the best personality to have was his own. That letter changed his life.

“Ultimately, it is true that John’s mythos is larger than life, and he had an impact on so many people in so many special ways,” Vance Johnson said. “However, when I think of John, I just think of the older brother who, out of love helped, his younger brother become comfortable in his own skin. For that, I will forever be grateful.”

Johnson, the superhero, was someone fellow midshipmen who looked up to. He was the person that helped others, midshipmen told his family during the memorial service. He was the person his friends could go to when they needed to talk. Or when they needed help with studies or life at the academy.

He excelled at every part of the academy mission, Superintendent Vice Adm. Sean Buck said during the service.