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 Giraffe Why Hello Sweet Cheeks Have A Seat poster, canvas

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KAMLOOPS (NEWS 1130) – Nearly a month after a Kamloops teen left school in tears because of a possible dress code violation, she’s still learning from home — and waiting for an apology.

It was Feb. 24 when 17-year-old Karis was told by a teacher that her black dress and white turtleneck were making her teacher and a student teacher uncomfortable. Not long after it happened, her father Chris Wilson posted a video on Facebook, discussing what happened. That post ended up getting thousands of views.

Wilson says his daughter is only three credits away from graduating from NorKam Secondary, but she’s too anxious to go back. He says he has been trying to set up meetings with staff at NorKam, but claims he’s been getting the run-around.

“What we’ve heard so far from the school board has just been through press releases, essentially saying they already were aware that their dress code needed to be updated and they’re working on it, and they’re going to launch something shortly,” he said.

He’s characterizing the entire process as “awful.”

“When I reached out, the superintendent told me the principal would call and set some things up, and then he called back and said, ‘No, I’m sorry, the guidance counsellor is going to be in touch.’ I brought my daughter in because we wanted to get school sorted out, to make sure that was a priority. As soon as we got to the school, she started feeling a ton of anxiety,” he told NEWS 1130.

Wilson says he’s been trying to put himself in her daughter’s shoes, and just wants to see her be able to get through such a disappointing situation.

“[I] think about, what is she going to wear? If she wears track pants and comfortable clothes, is she submitting? If she’s [thinking], ‘Everyone’s going to be looking at what I wear, and I just want to go to school and learn.'” he said, adding it’s been a confusing and frustrating experience.