Indianapolis IndyCar Life Behind The Wheel Movie poster, canvas

 Indianapolis IndyCar Life Behind The Wheel Movie poster, canvas

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Matt James, current lead of The Bachelor, has faced a lot of criticism about his season, but that’s nothing compared to the way he's being blasted for a recent fashion faux pas. Matt has demonstrated he has a good sense of humor when it comes to poking fun at himself, and that’s going to come in handy for him. Fans everywhere face-palmed when they saw a recent photo of him sporting a pair of what looked like jeggings. 

What started out as a season full of promise quickly devolved into a bit of a disaster. Throughout the show, it seemed to fans that showcasing drama was more important than showcasing romance. As a result, Matt’s connections with the women felt flimsy, and his personality never got the chance to shine. In reality, Matt has a serious funny bone that viewers never really got to see on the show. But on social media, fans have gotten a peek at the real Matt James, and they like what they see. Until it comes to his clothes, that is.

Matt posted a picture to his Instagram Stories recently and fans couldn’t take their eyes off his pants. Several think his bright blue pants are actually jeggings, and feel “personally victimized by his choice in jeans.” Gen Z and Millennials have been at war in the fashion world over whether skinny jeans are still cool, and Bachelor Nation fans clearly aren’t a fan of a tapered ankle. “They’re just soooooo tight!” one fan said, while another joked “He didn’t get the memo that skinny jeans are out.” Fans agree that Matt is super hot, but his fashion choices are definitely not.

Eagle-eyed fans noted that the skinny jeans look is nothing new for Matt. “I have been mourning his pants choices all season,” one fan lamented, “he really does love his skinny jeans.” The show’s leads have their clothes picked out by professional stylists, so perhaps on the show Matt’s pants weren’t entirely his choice. But the new photo of him post-show proves that skinnies are part of his normal wardrobe. Fans may have taken issue with his look. But Matt, for his part, seemed quite comfy in his close-fitting denim.