Kayaking Front Window poster, canvas

 Kayaking Front Window poster, canvas

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There is simply no time to dress boring or to be anything but bold this spring. Due to the pandemic last March and April, there were no events or outings to show off one’s seasonal style, and although it is still important to practice social distancing and be mindful of others’ health, with vaccinations and cases way down, there is more opportunity to express yourself through this spring’s trends, outside of the house. 

Even if you feel like you’re still just mainly chilling inside, still attempt to brighten up your days and mood with the simple gesture of piecing together outfits that encourage you to feel confident, polished and pretty. And besides, what better way to flaunt your best fit than an Insta pic? No one needs to know you didn’t go anywhere, and who cares if they did! To stay up to date this spring and show out and stand out, here are seven staple pieces for the season to have on your radar:

Over the past five years, Ohio University has seen a 3.9% decrease in its tenure track instructional faculty across its campuses, while the number of non-tenured faculty members is on the rise. 

This trend among university faculty has been observed in higher education institutions across the United States for decades. In fact, tenured faculty have not made up the majority of all university faculty in the U.S. since the late 1970s, according to a 2014-15 report from the American Association of University Professors, or AAUP. 

OU actually maintains a higher percentage of tenured faculty than the average for most public four-year institutions. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported more than 43% of public university faculty to be tenured or on the tenure track in 2018, while in that same year 68.2% of OU faculty fell into this category.