Sea Plane Window View Horizontal poster, canvas

 Sea Plane Window View Horizontal poster, canvas

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Wilson feels the school has not done that.

“If there was a bare minimum they had to do to be compliant, that would be what they’ve done. I’ve had zero communication from the teachers, from the principal, vice principal, school board — no one has reached out. The frustrating part for me is that they already knew that the dress code was being looked at. The comment from the principal told me that they told SD73 lawyers that their school dress code was a ‘legal nightmare waiting to happen.’ They were aware this was a legal challenge, and they still stood with the teacher in this, knowing that that’s under investigation,” Wilson said.

Still, Wilson says he and Karis have zero regrets about speaking out.

“I’m dad. I’ll put up with anything when it comes down to sticking up for my daughter, but it’s her that has to deal with a lot of this. She’s glad that she did [speak up] because there’s so many people, so many stories, just so many people who reached out in support who have gone through something similar. We understand there’s been dress codes across Canada that have started to be adjusted as a result of the press that this got,” he explained.

A number of other groups previously weighed in, including the BC Teachers’ Federation which said that dress codes tend to typically disproportionately affect girls, and that any policy that tells students they can’t wear clothing that “distracts” others is considered victim shaming.