Skiing Winter Sports Window View poster, canvas

 Skiing Winter Sports Window View poster, canvas

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The other side of modern politics is about fashion and smartness, and some of the international and regional political parties have over the years morphed into having fashion houses.

What people need to know is that fashion has conjured society’s dreams, challenges its norms, and reflects back what it believes.

And fashion is everywhere, including in the political arena.

In the Middle Age, sumptuary laws prohibited commoners from dressing above their station; during the French Revolution, sans-culottes wore hardy trousers as a badge of working-class pride.

Closer to us, two years back, the Black Panthers from the popular award winning movie Black Panther used clothing both to seize power and to resist it, adopting a uniform of leather jackets and berets to signify their role as a counter–police force, while in the “Greed is Good” in the 1980s, power suits and pouf skirts sublimated corporate triumphalism.

There are countless examples of this kind of intertwining.

The ruling party, Zanu PF, has not been left out in this fashion crazy.

The party’s Youth League has launched a merchandise shop under the brand name “House of Cheneso”, which is situated at the party headquarters.