Sugar Skull Couple I Choose You Horizontal poster, canvas

 Sugar Skull Couple I Choose You Horizontal poster, canvas

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The presenter paired the look with her signature nude heels for today’s show, but we think the dress would look just as stylish when worn with chunky sandals or white trainers.

If you fancy a twist on Holly’s original look, the dress also comes in two other prints: a 1970s-inspired orange floral pattern and a blue version that’s decorated with white daisies.

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Does Holly Willoughby wear her own clothes on This Morning?

Holly Willoughby has a stylist for This Morning who works with her to compile her wardrobe, rather than wearing her own clothes.

Speaking to Red in 2020, she revealed that putting together an outfit “hasn’t always come naturally” – “for a long time, I was pretty clueless,” she admitted – and while her Instagram feed when she’s not working says otherwise, featuring an array of equally stylish ensembles in our books, this is likely why she looks to the expertise on the professionals on screen.  

Who is Holly Willoughby’s stylist?

Danielle Whiteman became Holly Willoughby’s regular This Morning stylist towards the end of 2020, replacing Angie Smith – Danielle is a previous assistant of Angie’s, who is now based in Sydney and expecting her first child.

Angie is often credited with having engineered Holly’s transformation to national fashion icon in recent years: “Holly was open to new ideas,” she explained during an interview with YOU magazine. “The main thing I wanted to do was get her into more colour – so we tried everything on and went from there. I remember her saying, “I’ve had my kids. I just need to change it up.”