Lee Under The Heaven Sneakers Air Jordan Custom

 Lee Under The Heaven Sneakers Air Jordan Custom

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The evidence that emerges from the analysis suggests that designers are by no means path-independent in their decision to bring new designs into the market, thus refuting Karl Lagerfeld's famous dictum according to which "fashion designers are dictators of taste," but instead tend to be sensitive to their past successes and failures. Not only that, but they also consider the past work of competitors and how their own innovations were rated by critics in various fashion season. In summary, our work reveals how much designers are sensitive to critical evaluation and the way this influences the evolution of their style; the innovations they propose tend to be close to what was praised earlier and far from what was not particularly appreciated in the past.

Executives in creative industries should, therefore, take note of how designers integrate critical feedbacks and how stylistic innovation occurs incrementally based on what critics are willing to accept. In industries where technological innovation drives product innovation and functional requirements matter most, the fact that change is incremental or disruptive depends on the capabilities of the company. In fashion, change could be implemented much more easily in principle, as there are fewer operational constraints. However, how much innovation actually occurs is rooted in the response critics provide to past innovations.