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Rachel Walsh recently traveled thirty years back in time. After costuming (alongside Adam Howe) the BBC series-turned-Netflix-hit The Serpent—based on the real-life hunt for a serial killer in Southeast Asia in the '70s—she's now speaking to me from the set of a project that takes place in the '40s. But the Me Decade is still fresh in her mind—and in those of viewers, who have been particularly drawn to star Jenna Coleman's bohemian-meets-jet-set aesthetic. The series, says Walsh, "had a unique combination of that dark quality of the story of a serial killer, mixed with the high-end historic glamour fashion. And I think that sparked people's imaginations."

For Coleman's character, Marie-Andrée Leclerc (AKA Monique), who is serial killer Charles Sobhraj's girlfriend and accomplice, Walsh turned to eternal haute-bohemian references like Bianca Jagger, Jane Birkin, Françoise Hardy, and Joni Mitchell. The show arrived at the right time, because their doppelgängers also walked the runways for fall 2021. Whether it was Michael Kors's tribute to New York nightlife and Broadway, gushing with liquid sequins, or Chloé's world-traveler knits and ponchos, their influence was everywhere. And it never really abates. If you dressed up in full Mod gear or '80s attire in 2021, you might look costumey, but this particular slice of the '70s still feels easily translated to today. In fact, Walsh says that when the show originally aired on the BBC, and then again when it premiered on Netflix, she was inundated with messages asking where she sourced the clothes.